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DBxtra 11.2.0 has been released and is available for immediate download!

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 Dashboard Designer

Read here if you are running DBxtra in Trial mode.

Learn how to deploy reports when running DBxtra in trial mode!

If you are running DBxtra in trial mode: DBxtra installed the Report Web Service on the internal DBxtra Web Server.

To access the Report Web Service from another PC you need to enter the URL like your Web Browser: https://PCNAME:8080/DBxtra.NET
where "PCNAME" is the name of the computer where the Report Web Service runs

Learn here how to change the Report Web Service to run on an Internet Information Server.

XL Reporting Service

Important! Learn how to install the XL Reporting Service.

Report Web Service Quick Tour

Quick Start

Work with Projects

DBxtra allows organizing your information with Projects.

Create a new Project

Work with Data Connections

Create a new Data Connection

Open a Report Object

To open a Report Object select it from the Object tree and double click it.

Design a new Report Object

A Report Object requires an underlying Query.
The first step is to create the Query

More about designing a new Report Object.

Save a Report Object

To save a Report object click "Save" on the Report Object" menu.

Save a Report Object as physical file and opening it with the Free Desktop Report Viewer.

Save a Report and open it with the Report Web Service

Learn about Queries

Learn about Data Grids

Learn about Pivot Grids

Learn about Reports

Learn about Dashboards

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